Congratulations on your decision to follow Christ! You're at the beginning of a new life- one filled with the grace, peace, and joy that can only come from knowing God. 

What's next? 

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  • Attend Church. Take part in weekly worship experiences.
  • Read the Bible and pray.Make Bible reading and prayer a daily part of your life by using the enclosed Bible, the online Bible, or the Bible App. 
  • Get baptized.Christ called it our first step of obedience- an outward expression of your inner commitment to God. It's a way to celebrate your new life in Christ and go public with your faith 
  • Start Serving.Volunteering and helping others is an act of worship and an opportunity to give back to the Church and community. 
  • Join a small group. Small groups are a great place to find fellowship, build relationships with other believers, and do life together.